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Comic 112 - Amazing Saves

18th March 2019 in Rise of the Robeast
Amazing Saves
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kidra 18th Mar 2019, 2:00 PM edit delete
Tell the story of a risky roll you had to make.
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Otaku 18th Mar 2019, 3:10 PM edit delete reply
This was with my old high school group, for a GURPS (Third Edition, Revised) campaign. Because this GM was easily swayed by his latest GURPS supplement, what had begun as a superhero campaign became a Black Ops campaign, became a pseudo-medieval fantasy campaign by way of an experimental warp drive malfunction.

After surviving all of that, our characters were on their way home from the alien world/dimension where the pseudo-medieval fantasy part had wrapped up... via (finally) repaired spaceship. Though not actually part of GURPS rules, the house rule was for "encounter rolls" while traveling. Blah blah as we were almost home, someone rolled as badly as they could have rolled, so we ended up with the GM's Knock-Offs of the Borg on our tail.

Desperately, we used a plan that I half-remembered from a movie. Except the movie was Space Balls. We dropped out of warp speed or hyperspace or whatever it was, with the pilot rolling against his skill to see if he did it safely and sneakily and... he rolled a crit! The pursuing ships rolled and botched! The plan worked, they overshot us badly, losing total track of us in the process, and we safely made it the rest of the way home.

Only for the GM to end the entire campaign sometime before the next full session. As we all went to the same school, sometimes we'd do microsessions before or after or even if we had some spare time at lunch. You know, just 5-15 minutes, usually useful for wrapping up loose ends or setting up for the next adventure. The GM introduced us to some beings that were claimed to be helpful but needed hosts.

My character had some cleric-style abilities, so I made what the GM referred to as a "God-call" for guidance. These beings got the thumbs-up (literally) so we agreed and... the GM revealed the game was over and that these were the "bad guys" for our next adventure. The God-call is a GM-made roll for me, and it was a critical failure. XP Later, as we were all pretty ticked off as we felt he'd set us up and... he admitted he had. He apologized, stating he'd just gotten tired of this particular campaign and GMing for a bit. We had multiple GM's running different campaigns, so it wasn't like we didn't have anything to play.
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