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Comic 23 - Up up and a fail!

19th March 2018 in Form Gaming Party!
Up up and a fail!
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kidra 19th Mar 2018, 12:00 PM edit delete
Remember folks, no matter how high your bonuses are there's always a 5% chance of failing.

OK everybody, tell a story about a roll that you (or another person) should have made easily but failed on. In the first campaign I was in our wizard had cast "hold person" on an enemy combatant. Our rogue ran over to the held enemy and attacked, only to roll a one. Everyone was just sort of stunned. How do you miss hitting a lightly armored foe who can't dodge? Eventually our DM said that the foe was wearing studded leather, so by crazy chance our rogue had stabbed and managed to hit one of the studs dead-on, stopping his blade.

That's frustrating for a gamer, but can you imagine how it would be if it was real life? "The guy couldn't move and I still missed!"
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Steeve the Fox 24th Mar 2018, 3:43 PM edit delete reply
Steeve the Fox
There's a game I'm in where I'm playing a paragon type Paladin who's got charisma running from his ears.

We'd been trying to track down a witch who was turning the local wildlife and trees into evil monsters to attack a town that we were hired to help. We found her in the burned out remains of another town that I had discovered might have been destroyed by someone from the town that we're helping.

My character realized that the witch might actually be someone who was wronged and is lashing out at anything and everything near her, so when we found her I tried to convince her to stop attacking the town until we could find who was responsible. I landed a 20 on my first check to speak and not end up just giving her a free first shot, which nobody was really expecting. Then I got a very sad 7 (11 with bonus,) on the roll to convince her to lay down her arms.

I promised to make sure those really behind the town's destruction would be brought to justice when we had to fight her.
kidra 27th Mar 2018, 6:51 AM edit delete reply
Ouch. Multiple rolls can be the worst, especially if you roll really well on one of them, but poorly on the others.
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