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Comic 68 - Last Chance

23rd August 2018 in Form Gaming Party!
Last Chance
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kidra 23rd Aug 2018, 1:00 PM edit delete
A good DM doesn't want to beat their players, rather provide the players with a fun challenge. Occasionally this may mean giving the players a chance to get out of a situation they really should die in.

Last time I shared about how I convinced our GM to put us against a CR15 dragon. We hadn't done any damage to the thing, and we were all nearly dead. It was the dragon's turn and our GM used the breath weapon, rolled the dice, and then looked up at us and said: "does anyone want to try anything before this takes effect?" Which I think was a good move on his part. None of us wanted to lose our characters and really it was my fault we were fighting this thing. Luckily our bard came up with a plan that involved him insulting the dragon, running while mocking the dragon, and later turning invisible to evade the dragon. The rest of us managed to escape while he provided the distraction.
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Otaku 24th Aug 2018, 5:52 AM edit delete reply
Though we were using GURPS (Third Edition, Revised) at the time, the two guys who were most likely to GM (their own respective games, of course) had cut their teeth on some form of D&D. So a house rule at our table was "encounter rolls" while traveling. At the end of an adventure that involved our former superheroes turned black ops turned interstellar and interdimensional travelers (he was a good GM except he couldn't commit XP), our spaceship was finally on the way back to Earth and all we had to do was make some encounter rolls.

Several of our characters had some form of the "Luck" Advantage, which in GURPS allows you to re-roll once per X minutes of gameplay. The more expensive the version, the lower cooldown period between instances. Everyone had already burned through their luck when we rolled and got the maximum difficulty encounter, which in the GM's mind, meant it was okay to throw something at us that required just the kind of break you're describing to survive. He ended up siccing his knock-off version of The Borg after us, and we escape them because of a hilarious plan, a critical success (ours), and a critical failure (theirs). We pulled a Spaceballs, dropping into and out of whatever FTL method of travel that ship used, and they overshot our ship so badly even they were like "Not worth it." XD
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