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Comic 81 - Opposed

18th October 2018 in Level Up!
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kidra 18th Oct 2018, 12:00 PM edit delete
Have you ever had someone oppose your gaming? When I first started playing RPGs I had a friend who was worried about my eternal soul, convinced that D&D was a tool of the devil.
Maybe I should talk to her about it again, show that it doesn't corrupt everyone who plays.
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Otaku 18th Oct 2018, 4:17 PM edit delete reply
[insert joke about D&D mechanics I don't like being evil]

With that out of the way, yeah my parents were worried about me playing RPG's. Some of it was the typical hysteria... wait, is that an oxymoron? Anytime something new(ish) becomes popular, we see folks fearmonger, either for profit or out of misguided zeal.

My parents honestly were too indulgent with me, especially because I was a self-centered brat. I was also slow to make friends; lived in a rural area, wasn't the outdoors type, and just wasn't a good friend to others, ya know? My parents were torn between me having a group of friends I met with regularly and the real thing folks need to be concerned with about role-playing games:

Becoming obsessed. It can happen with any hobby, but it is a little more obviously bad when an RPG aficionado is spending too much time on his gaming than when an athlete is being unrealistic about his chances to go pro, and thus "practicing" too much. I squandered a lot of opportunities... well, most of my life, to be brutally honest. Still trying to stop doing that now. It is difficult. >_<

Anyway, I got decent grades while I was a gamer, but with what I had, they could and should have been better; I just needed to fully apply myself. Alternatively, I could have taken part-time work more seriously, or the real kicker... both.

I will add one more word of caution; a lot of hobby communities are welcoming. Perhaps too welcoming. It is great when you help someone out of bad habits, but not so much when you help them into some or at least make it easier to keep at them. You've got the more mundane like "gamer snacking", and sure enough one of my two friends who brought me into pen & paper RPG's ended up being into the occult (as in, he tried to curse someone!). He admitted to it years later, and I never would have believed it at the time.

Both among players and among those who create the games, it seems like RPG's have a lot of folks who are apathetic or even openly hostile to my worldview almost entirely across the board. XP
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