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Comic 88 - In the Shop Again

13th December 2018 in Rise of the Robeast
In the Shop Again
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Author Notes:

kidra 13th Dec 2018, 2:00 PM edit delete
I found out recently that Hanukkuh happened early this year, and that it's already over. So belated Happy Hanukkuh from me!

I can't remember if we've discussed this before, so we're gonna talk about it whether we have or not! What do you do when a player can't make it to a session? How do you explain the character's absence? My first experience with this we had my character get captured before the session, and I did a small session with the GM to go through what happened. It was good storywise, but it meant that I was given a penalty when I finally joined the session again due to being underfed. So I was pretty useless that whole dungeon.

Also, when writing this script I wondered about the shooting the horse bit. I had heard that if a horse breaks its leg you have to put it down, and I wondered why that is, and thought maybe that was just an old-timey thing before medicine advanced. Nope, turns out it's still a thing, though we generally don't shoot them anymore and instead use an injection. Here's a link to why if you're curious like I was.
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